The official web-site of the project HAIFES .

HAIFES  project is a Grundtvig Partnership for Learning financed by European Union .

HAIFES is the acronym title of the project  :Hobby As an Integrating Factor for European Society 

The aims of the project:

- getting know new kind of hobby and European citizens interests  

- identifying and learning new methods in informal education of adults

- developing educational, interpersonal and social competences

- motivating learners to active participation in the social life, through artistic workshops, through hobby presentation , through educational meetings and cultural events


- participation in different kind of artistic workshops

- presentation of various kind of the hobby by adult learners

- participation in hobby exhibitions, festivities, cultural events

- organizing educational visits to artistic studios in the aim to know handicraft objects

- organizing meetings with folk artistic creators

- organizing visits to museums, palaces, castles to know hobby from different centuries

Results :

- artistic handicraft objects

- exhibitions

- meetings with artists

- Power Points presentations about hobby

- the blog of the project, E –portfolio, reports, film, photos

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Popular art workshop at Piatra Neamt-Romania

A group of young students from Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu in Piatra Neamt participated Saturday  3 March 2011 to a workshop of conservation of popular mask and costumes belonging to the folk art group Toporasul .
The workshop was organized by Association for science , Culture Youth and Social Integration as an extracurricular activity in Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu from Piatra Neamt-Romania .

Aims :
-To preserve popular art works
-To activate the students for participation in new extracurricular activities and to learn new hobbies
-To integrate students from disadvantaged groups in a new social group .
Results :

An exhibition with popular art works and costumes was realized in a dedicated room in the space of Gheorghe Cartianu Technical College .
A new team of students passionated of popular art was created .

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Christmas Decorations Making Workshop at Shipcon Limassol Ltd.

  On the 17th of December 2011, a group of adult learners gathered to enjoy each other’s company, listen to Christmas carols and give vent to their creativity during Christmas Decorations Making Workshop

  As learners of different nationalities (Cyprus, Poland, UK, Ireland, Germany) participated in the workshop, it was a great occasion to get to know more about various European traditions of celebrating Christmas.

During the workshop easily accessible materials such as colour paper, paint, fabric, ribbons and glitter were used. 

  After the workshop the participants reported that they enjoyed sharing experiences, felt inspired to bring more creativity to their lives, became more interested in other European cultures and last but not least they had great fun.