The official web-site of the project HAIFES .

HAIFES  project is a Grundtvig Partnership for Learning financed by European Union .

HAIFES is the acronym title of the project  :Hobby As an Integrating Factor for European Society 

The aims of the project:

- getting know new kind of hobby and European citizens interests  

- identifying and learning new methods in informal education of adults

- developing educational, interpersonal and social competences

- motivating learners to active participation in the social life, through artistic workshops, through hobby presentation , through educational meetings and cultural events


- participation in different kind of artistic workshops

- presentation of various kind of the hobby by adult learners

- participation in hobby exhibitions, festivities, cultural events

- organizing educational visits to artistic studios in the aim to know handicraft objects

- organizing meetings with folk artistic creators

- organizing visits to museums, palaces, castles to know hobby from different centuries

Results :

- artistic handicraft objects

- exhibitions

- meetings with artists

- Power Points presentations about hobby

- the blog of the project, E –portfolio, reports, film, photos

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Third project meeting Piatra Neamt 30 July -6 August

24 participants (6 staff and 18 learners)

- Getting know about specific hobbies of Romanians leaving in North –Eastern region of the country
- Identifying and learning new methods in informal education for adults
- Developing educational, interpersonal and social competences
-Learning new and creative hobbies that can facilitate learners’ integration in European Society

-Preparation , realize flyers , posters and a presentation panel , planning a rock concert with the participation of a Romanian rock band (ASCETIS association learners ) and the Portuguese team to demonstrate that the passion for a specific kind of music can be an integrating factor for European Society .
-Promotion of the project by participation to the street  event “Alambic de arte “organized in front of History Museum Piatra-Neamt , exchange know-how with other artists and adult learners and  find inspiration for new hobbies.
-Realize the Watch , learn and teach exhibition with new products from local activities of each partner.
-Visit to museums, palaces, castles to know hobby from different centuries .
Places visited : Parliament building from Bucharest(XX century building ) ,  Bran castle from Brasov , Neamt Citadel  from Tg.Neamt , Royal Court of Stefan cel Mare in Piatra Neamt ( XV-XVI centuries buildings ), Agapia Monastery , Varatec Monastery (XVII-XVIII centuries )
-Visit in Agapia Monastery’s workshops to learn ancient techniques for manual tapestry and icon painting
 -Mountain climbing in  the reservation “ Cheile Sugaului Munticelu“, to learn about this very educational hobby and how it can be used in adult informal education for developing interpersonal and social competences , cultivating love and respect for nature ,getting used with a healthy life style .The activity was realized with the support of Clubul Ecoturistic Gheorghe Iacomi from piatra Neamt 
-Workshop for learning origami , a modern and  very attractive hobby .all the participants realized small decorations from paper .
-Arts and facts in Neamt county, workshop about local habits and dances , discussions about popular dances in all participating countries. The workshop focused on discover similarities and differences in each country’s popular dances .
At final all the participants realized a round dance as a meaning of cooperation .
All the participants danced “Hora”.
-Rock concert at “Colibele haiducilor” . The concert was sustained by a the Romanian band 
of students Black Shadows  from ASCETIS association with the participation of a Portuguese learner as voice singer . The audience was composed by locals , rock sympathizers and the project learners . During the concert the Portuguese team demonstrated how a found raising can be realized to sustain this beautiful hobby .
After the concert all the participants and the audience could exchange ideas and talk  about music as a hobby that can keep youth away from vices and bad habits and can help individuals to integrate in society .
-Power point presentations :
-Gheorghe Iacomi  Eco -touristic Club activity , 
-Constantin Lacatusu expeditions
-Chess without frontiers, a study about chess as an integrating factor in European Society
Results :

- Artistic handicraft objects reunited in the intercultural space : Watch , learn and teach exhibitions

- Exchange of experience , ideas and know how between participating organizations

- Power Points presentations about hobbies
 -New hobbies and techniques learned  by the participants

- Films, photos
-the dates and tasks for the last project meeting established