The official web-site of the project HAIFES .

HAIFES  project is a Grundtvig Partnership for Learning financed by European Union .

HAIFES is the acronym title of the project  :Hobby As an Integrating Factor for European Society 

The aims of the project:

- getting know new kind of hobby and European citizens interests  

- identifying and learning new methods in informal education of adults

- developing educational, interpersonal and social competences

- motivating learners to active participation in the social life, through artistic workshops, through hobby presentation , through educational meetings and cultural events


- participation in different kind of artistic workshops

- presentation of various kind of the hobby by adult learners

- participation in hobby exhibitions, festivities, cultural events

- organizing educational visits to artistic studios in the aim to know handicraft objects

- organizing meetings with folk artistic creators

- organizing visits to museums, palaces, castles to know hobby from different centuries

Results :

- artistic handicraft objects

- exhibitions

- meetings with artists

- Power Points presentations about hobby

- the blog of the project, E –portfolio, reports, film, photos

Saturday, 10 December 2011


On 1 December 2011 seniors from Poland activating in Association VESUVIO participated in a workshop dedicated to  handmade jewelery. 

  The aim was to show hobby one of our senior and spread didactic and practical experience to others including seniors from collaborating countries.  

  Seniors learned how to select, complete and join all elements to produce necklaces and bracelets. They used artificial pearls, beads and other accessories. 

  The final products were great and brought seniors a lot of joy and personal fulfillment. All of them developed artistic creativity and expressed satisfaction of being together and socializing together. .

  The final self-made products were a gift for them in coming Santa Clause Day

Friday, 7 October 2011

Fourth project meeting Limassol, August/September 2011

1. Objectives

  • To help individuals to gain better understanding of what brings joy and personal fulfilment to their lives; to help participants to discover and develop their hobby;
  • To get to know and understand better the culture and traditions of Cyprus
  • To discuss and present project achievements up to date (local and international)
  • To help the participants to develop their interests and creativity through various practical workshops
  • To evaluate different aspects of the meeting
  • To help the participants develop computer literacy and ICT skills (website, blog, email),
  • To exchange experiences regarding new methods and approaches in adult education
  • To analyse the hobbies impact on different target groups
  • To expand the “Intercultural space: I watch, learn and teach”; Travelling exhibition (consisting of the handicraft made by the learners of each country)
  • To enable the learners to meet and make friends with people from different countries and with a different cultural background

2. Actions

  • Educational visits and tours:
    • Old town
    • Kolossi  medieval castle
    • Traditional Omodos village, winery
    • Kurion mosaics and ancient theatre
    • Paphos old harbour, Tombs of the Kings
    • Agios Neofitos monastery
    • Bouzuki performance
    • Jewellery making workshop
    • Yoga
    • ICT skills
    • Culinary workshop (traditional Cypriot cuisine)
3. Results

  • The staff exchanged experiences and new methods in adult education
  • artistic handicraft objects (for the "Travelling exhibition”)
  • Photos and reports for the blog of the project and for Intercultural Space
  • Films documenting various activities during the meeting
  • Power point presentations about hobbies
Plans for further activities and ideas for future collaboration under different European projects

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Third project meeting Piatra Neamt 30 July -6 August

24 participants (6 staff and 18 learners)

- Getting know about specific hobbies of Romanians leaving in North –Eastern region of the country
- Identifying and learning new methods in informal education for adults
- Developing educational, interpersonal and social competences
-Learning new and creative hobbies that can facilitate learners’ integration in European Society

-Preparation , realize flyers , posters and a presentation panel , planning a rock concert with the participation of a Romanian rock band (ASCETIS association learners ) and the Portuguese team to demonstrate that the passion for a specific kind of music can be an integrating factor for European Society .
-Promotion of the project by participation to the street  event “Alambic de arte “organized in front of History Museum Piatra-Neamt , exchange know-how with other artists and adult learners and  find inspiration for new hobbies.
-Realize the Watch , learn and teach exhibition with new products from local activities of each partner.
-Visit to museums, palaces, castles to know hobby from different centuries .
Places visited : Parliament building from Bucharest(XX century building ) ,  Bran castle from Brasov , Neamt Citadel  from Tg.Neamt , Royal Court of Stefan cel Mare in Piatra Neamt ( XV-XVI centuries buildings ), Agapia Monastery , Varatec Monastery (XVII-XVIII centuries )
-Visit in Agapia Monastery’s workshops to learn ancient techniques for manual tapestry and icon painting
 -Mountain climbing in  the reservation “ Cheile Sugaului Munticelu“, to learn about this very educational hobby and how it can be used in adult informal education for developing interpersonal and social competences , cultivating love and respect for nature ,getting used with a healthy life style .The activity was realized with the support of Clubul Ecoturistic Gheorghe Iacomi from piatra Neamt 
-Workshop for learning origami , a modern and  very attractive hobby .all the participants realized small decorations from paper .
-Arts and facts in Neamt county, workshop about local habits and dances , discussions about popular dances in all participating countries. The workshop focused on discover similarities and differences in each country’s popular dances .
At final all the participants realized a round dance as a meaning of cooperation .
All the participants danced “Hora”.
-Rock concert at “Colibele haiducilor” . The concert was sustained by a the Romanian band 
of students Black Shadows  from ASCETIS association with the participation of a Portuguese learner as voice singer . The audience was composed by locals , rock sympathizers and the project learners . During the concert the Portuguese team demonstrated how a found raising can be realized to sustain this beautiful hobby .
After the concert all the participants and the audience could exchange ideas and talk  about music as a hobby that can keep youth away from vices and bad habits and can help individuals to integrate in society .
-Power point presentations :
-Gheorghe Iacomi  Eco -touristic Club activity , 
-Constantin Lacatusu expeditions
-Chess without frontiers, a study about chess as an integrating factor in European Society
Results :

- Artistic handicraft objects reunited in the intercultural space : Watch , learn and teach exhibitions

- Exchange of experience , ideas and know how between participating organizations

- Power Points presentations about hobbies
 -New hobbies and techniques learned  by the participants

- Films, photos
-the dates and tasks for the last project meeting established