The official web-site of the project HAIFES .

HAIFES  project is a Grundtvig Partnership for Learning financed by European Union .

HAIFES is the acronym title of the project  :Hobby As an Integrating Factor for European Society 

The aims of the project:

- getting know new kind of hobby and European citizens interests  

- identifying and learning new methods in informal education of adults

- developing educational, interpersonal and social competences

- motivating learners to active participation in the social life, through artistic workshops, through hobby presentation , through educational meetings and cultural events


- participation in different kind of artistic workshops

- presentation of various kind of the hobby by adult learners

- participation in hobby exhibitions, festivities, cultural events

- organizing educational visits to artistic studios in the aim to know handicraft objects

- organizing meetings with folk artistic creators

- organizing visits to museums, palaces, castles to know hobby from different centuries

Results :

- artistic handicraft objects

- exhibitions

- meetings with artists

- Power Points presentations about hobby

- the blog of the project, E –portfolio, reports, film, photos

Monday, 30 January 2012

Jewelery with wooden elements -workshop at Vesuvio in Poland

On the 27 January 2012 the learners of Vesuvio Associations in Poland participated in handmade jewellery workshop.

  The aim of the workshop was to present this hobby of one of the  participants and learn/teach  the technique of work and design jewelery using wooden elements.

 Learners acquired the way of joining the elements and composed many pieces of beads and bracelets. The activity covered didactic approaches and brought joy and happiness among learners and staff.  

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Local workshop in Piatra Neamt Romania -"MACRAME AS AN INTEGRATING FACTOR "

On 21 January 2011 the project management team from Romania organized an workshop for the families in the neighborhood Maratei from Piatra Neamt .
At the workshop participated 10 ladies and 3 girls from 7 families .
The purpose of this local meeting was to use the Internet and the ICT skills acquired by our learners during the project  for promotion of the works created at home by the participating women and girls and to use this occasion to learn new techniques from each other .
The meeting was a good opportunity for the housekeepers to show their talents and to fill good and appreciated for their work

The project coordinator , ms Eleonora Budur demonstrated a very old technique of knotting to obtain a special kind of macrame

We created a family learning atmosphere in order to let the kids to learn from their mothers and from the  talented and skilled older ladies and to appreciate the role of hobbies as integrating factors in the society .

Jewelery handmade  created by ms Livia Nicolae 

To resume , the specific objectives ob the meeting were :
-Implementing “homework“ tasks
-Add new ideas to the project e-book  “Intercultural space: I watch, learn and teach”.
-Encourage the learners to use their ICT skills for promotion of hand made  creations and homeworks on the Internet .
Hats and gloves created by Mrs Pricope Elena .


Tricotes and gloves created by Ms Selena Marin .

Results :
-Family and intergenerational learning , good practices and ideas exchange between families ;
-New products added to the "Watch , Learn and Teach" exhibition ;
-Promotion of  ICT techniques and entrepreneurship among the local women and girls;
-Integration of adults by practicing hobbies ;

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